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Let’s fill your calendar with qualified leads on a pay-for-results basis by leveraging our deep industry know-how and a results-first philosophy.

Client-winning lead generation services for growing B2B & B2C companies

You can focus entirely on growing your business while we establish a steady flow of qualified business leads into your pipeline.
Lead research
We will find prospects, validate their data, and enrich existing lists with up-to-date info based on your requirements.
AI email automation
Primarily B2B
8x your outreach without cold calls or manual outreach. Hypercharge your sales team’s efficiency and fill your pipeline with vetted business leads.
Appointment setting
Increase conversion rates & ROI with specialized SDRs who have practical industry experience in your field.
Meta ads
Primarily B2C
Reach your local market through Meta ads. Generate warm leads to submit their contact details directly to an app on your smartphone. Or why not schedule a meeting in you calendar instantly?
Retargeting strategy
Nurture your outbound leads and schedule more appointments through other relevant platforms like Linkedin & Meta.
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Industry-tailored growth solutions
AI E-mail automation (B2B)
Meta ads (B2C)
Digital credibility
High-converting material
Coaching & Consulting
Software Development
IT Services

Why choose us?

We are so confident in our services that work mostly on a pay-for-results basis.
Results-based fee structure
Cutting edge technology & tools
Completely integrated into your team
Fast & easy communication
Continous A/B testing & optimization

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How it works

Get the systems running smoothly like clockwork within just 3 months

No-Commitment call

We set up un quick NO-commitment call to see if we could be a good match
We get to know each other, go through your goals and where you are heading. Then we see how and if can help you get there
If we both find it intriguing, we will schedule a demo call
Then, we'll go through the setup at a more detailed level, make you an offer, sign a contract, to then schedule the onboarding call

Onboarding process

Clarifying your ideal customer, offer, messaging & setting up the technical infrastructure
We clearly define your ideal target audience, their pointpoints and clarify your messaging & offer.
Our tech specialists make sure your message reach and capture the prospects attention  
We take care of DNS settings as well as creating and warming up email addresses. We also ensure to set up all the technical aspects within META.

Tracking & A/B testing

Monitoring performance and rigorously optimizing every part of the system
Tracking KPIs and regularly sending you reports
Continuous A/B testing of creatives, subject lines and templates
Our tech team makes sure to handle spam issues quickly and address any deviation in results if they were to arise

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Frequently asked questions
Everything you need to know about us
Where do you get the prospect’s information?

We usually gather leads from various sources to reach as relevant prospects as possible. A common tool could, for example, be Of course, we also make sure to verify contact information to ensure that we are contacting real individuals, instead of outdated contact information that is no longer in use. Just getting this list of contact details for your entire target audience with potential customers is invaluable...

How many appointments can I expect per month?

The number of booked meetings per month can vary from company to company, depending on various parameters such as the size of your market. During the first three months, it's common to test different hooks, messages, call-to-action strategies, etc. After three months, you usually can achieve a more stable flow of SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads), which can then be scaled up based on your capacity

Why work with a lead generation company?

Working with a lead generation firm can yield substantial advantages. A primary benefit is that it enables businesses to concentrate on their core competency as their lead generation partner takes care of filling up the pipeline. Additionally, utilizing a lead generation firm may prove more economically efficient over time, considering the resources and trial & error required to build an proficient inhouse team.

Which companies can you assist?

When it comes to B2B companies, we have primarily focused on Agencies, IT, and SAAS companies. Regarding B2C companies, our focus is on Solar-companies. Our outreach methods have proven to be effective for certain other businesses as well, so feel free to schedule a non-binding call, and we'll see if your company qualifies.

How do you make sure the appointments are qualified?

We ensure to book only qualified meetings by sending out our offer exclusively to relevant prospects and ensuring that they are well-informed about exactly what the meeting will entail.

How quickly can I expect results?

You will receive your initial meetings during the first to second week as we launch the campaigns. In the first three months, we will focus on testing different hooks, offers, messages, and CTAs to achieve the best possible results. After three months, you will experience a more stable flow of booked meetings that we can scale up depending on your capacity.